YFC Charter

YFC charter

Policy: Aim of Surrey Federation of Young Farmers

The Surrey Federation of Young Farmers Clubs is concerned with the personal development of young people. It seeks to achieve its objectives through a network of clubs and a range of programmes for which the young people have the responsibility of design and delivery.

Our county Federation is part of a National organisation of approximately 28,000 members in some 900 clubs, which operates within a climate of equal opportunity and concentrates its work on those between the ages of 10 and 26.

The Young Farmers’ Club (YFC) Charter
YFCs seek to meet the needs of rural young people through educational, training and social programmes, which encourage community involvement and concern for our environment.

Through participative youth work we shall:

Enable young people to make their own decisions, both within YFC and beyond, on issues that affect their lives.
Programme for a variety of learning opportunities including vocational and life skills for the 10 -26 age group.
By positive, yet sensitive leadership the movement will provide a framework within which young people can learn and become more involved members of society.

As a member or YFC young people will:

Meet people of their own age
Have the opportunity to make their own decisions and manage their own clubs
Be heard on important issues
Play a part in a caring organisation that is part of the local community
Have opportunity to join in exciting challenges that will develop skills for life.

Summary of other policies

As a volunteer youth organisation and employer, YFC must have certain policies in place. These include Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Equal Opportunities policy. There are also policies that outline how YFC operates in different situations, such as promoting the safe consumption of alcohol and limiting unacceptable behaviour.

• The Health, Safety and Environmental Policy ensures the health and safety of its employees and members. It explains how to carry out risk assessments for YFC events and activities as well as the procedures and protocols in place to ensure activities are safe.
• The Equal Opportunities Policy ensures that no employee, job applicant, YFC member, volunteer or contractor receives less favourable treatment through unreasonable or unjust discrimination on any grounds, including age, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, social class, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
• The Safeguarding Children and Young People, sets out how the organisation works with under 18-year-old members, how volunteers are recruited, what to do in the case of an incident, along with reporting procedures and information on how to recognise signs of abuse. It’s a robust policy that’s been written with the specialist help of the NSPCC.
• The Drugs and Alcohol Policy enables members, staff and volunteers to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within YFC. It helps event organisers to plan safe and successful events . If a member’s behaviour is deemed unacceptable, the policy contains information on the appropriate action to take.
• The Anti-bullying Policy as well as guidance on cyber-bullying. For some members and staff, their time in YFC can be spoilt by bullies. The policy has been written to help YFC members to recognise the signs of bullying and help those who are being bullied. The policy contains information on how to deal with bullies and the necessary action that should be taken.
• Standards of Behaviour Policy clearly sets out what is acceptable behaviour and the process of dealing with YFC members whose behaviour is unacceptable.

All these policies and information on how they are implemented within the organisation is available upon request from the county office.

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