Training is available in many areas…

Club Officers – This takes place in  the Autumn to provide support for all members who take on theses important club roles. This training gives an opportunity to find out more about their new roles, meet officers from other clubs and have a fun session.

Leaders Training – Every year SFYFC runs a training evening for club leaders that provided a time to share programme ideas and to discuss relevant issues like Health and Safety, Child Protection etc.

First Aid and Food Hygiene- Courses are run on both of these topics to provide appropriate skills and knowledge for our clubs to run safely. These courses are available for Club leaders and also older members.

Training Techniques – Two courses on Training Techniques are available to senior members – Training Techniques 1 (TT1) and Training Techniques 2 (TT2). TT1 provides an introduction to basic training techniques and covers such things as ‘brainstorming sessions’, whereas TT2 is a more advanced course for those who have completed TT1 and wish to develop their training skills further. These courses teach techniques which members find useful in their club/county roles as well as in their careers.

Leadership Development – Training is available for members over 18 who wish to develop their Leadership skills. This is an intensive and advanced course run by the NFYFC over 2 residential weekends and members should be available to attend both weekends.

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