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The Ackenfield Challenge Trophy


This trophy, a polished pewter goblet, has been donated anonymously by someone concerned with the preservation of ‘rural life’. The following conditions have been laid down for its use.

1) The trophy to be used as an inter club challenge trophy within the bounds of the Young Farmers’ movement in Surrey, or any future federation which includes the Surrey Young Farmers Clubs in its make up.

2) The challenge to be open to all clubs in the said Federation, be they Junior, School, or Open.

3) Any club may challenge the holding club to compete in any event. The event to be specified by the challenging club and the challenge being accepted by County Office as being a fair and reasonable challenge must then be accepted within 3 weeks or the trophy forfeited.

4) The event must take place within 6 weeks of the date of the original challenge.

5) Where possible there will be an impartial judge to decide the event.

6) The same challenge may not be used again within a period of 12 calendar months by any club, and for 18 months by the club which issued the challenge.

7) The challenges may be for individual or team competition as specified by the challenging club.

8) Challenges in writing to County Office please.

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