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Hi !

We are an open club with an age range of eleven to twenty. We are the most outward bound Young Farmers Club – in fact we don’t often meet in halls. We meet on Wednesday evenings.

What do we do that is so outward bound?
Well, we have two camping holidays. We organise the annual night hike of about 10 miles. We are the only club that does survival training and have organised the annual public speaking competition.
We have a beach party, go to London, enjoy car driving on an airfield for our members and we go off-road driving. In the last year we have been dry skiing, indoor rock climbing, and paint balling.
We have been shown around deep caves and endured a ghost walk!
We do an annual cycling evening that ends up at a swimming pool.
We also enjoy sport, with the usual footy, rounders, dodgeball, circus skills, laser quest and wide games.

If we do meet in a hall it is at the hut Westcott and then we are working on our huge annual Christmas show or the Pantomime that we put on to raise money for charity.

We work as an arena party team at the County Show and the Cranleigh show. We love being out on farms and in the countryside.

To Sum Up..

We are mega active

We believe in having as much fun as possible

We are very bold in what we do

People envy how much we do and what we do

We have a pride in our club

We are not for the feint hearted

Join us, or wish you had! Ring 07752 519920 or 01273 494528 or 01483 769786.

See you soon!

Leaders – Colin Smith and Sue Wood

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