Join a club

What to do to first:
Call SFYFC county office on
01737 844528 and they will put you in touch with your local club, or you can call your local club directly if you have their number from individual club page.

Ring up the leader or member at the club and tell them you would like to try out the club. They will send you a programme and/or invite you along to a club meeting. Make sure you tell them which meeting you will be going to so they can look out for you, welcome you and show you around.

Your first meeting:
Most clubs have a ‘host officer’ who will stay with you and look after you at your first few meetings until you feel settled at the club. Otherwise the leader will choose someone to look after you, but all the members will make you feel welcome too.

The clubs are happy for you to try YFC for a couple of weeks before you decide whether you would like to join, but after that the leader will ask you to fill out a membership form and take a parental consent form home for your parents to complete (if you are under 18). They will also tell you how much the club’s annual subscription fee is and you should pay this amount to your leader when you return your membership form and parental consent form. The subscription charge varies slightly from one club to another but is usually £25 – £35. This cost mainly covers your personal insurance, but also might include hall rental, competition entries etc.

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